Welcome to Sky’s The Limit Montessori School Website

Regina Maloney and Sue Hagberg, co-owners, directors, and teachers have been in operation since 1991. Our school is licensed with the State of Washington, and in the process of becoming Washington State Certified.

Our mission at Sky’s the Limit is to provide a rich and loving environment where your child can develop a high self-esteem, learn at his or her own pace, and develop a love of learning. We foster values such as doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, finding joy in anothers accomplishments, helping your neighbor, and learning to be sensitive to the feelings of others. Children also learn manners, grace, and courtesy at school.

We consider ourselves a nondenominational Christian based school. Although we do not teach any type of religious doctrine, nor do we have any type of Bible study, we do sing a song of thanksgiving, “Johnny Appleseed,” before our meal. The elementary students offer a blessing for their food.

We use a variety of curriculum books, some of which contain short scripture verses from the Bible. We recite The Pledge of Allegiance, sing The Star Spangled Banner and celebrate a variety of holidays throughout the year.

Fall of 2001 will begin our third year in the elementary expansion phase of our school. While our preschool and kindergarten classrooms are a blend of Montessori materials and theory with many positive attributes of traditional education, our 1st – 6th grade classrooms are a blend of traditional, high level private education with Montessori theory application. All students progress at their own pace. In the words of one of our teachers, “The basic building blocks of knowledge are essential to all learning. Once they are in place, children do not use them one at a time. They integrate these skills and call them into play as they see fit.”

Employees are trained in “Second Step,” a violence prevention program for schools and families to use to encourage children to get along well with others. The program teaches children to think about other’s feelings, to solve problems cooperatively, and to manage their anger in a positive way. The three skill areas which are taught are:empathy, impulse control, and anger management.

At Sky’s The Limit, we consider it our responsibility to establish your child’s education foundation and then build upon that foundation year after year, helping your child achieve his or her personal best.

We are now accepting registration for our 2001 – 2002 school year. A variety of schedules are available:

  • Tuesday – Friday morning preschool and kindergarten program
  • Monday – Friday extended day kindergarten program
  • Monday – Friday full time program for grades 1 – 6
  • Before and after school programs

We would be happy to answer any further questions you may have in regards to our school and would love for you to visit us at our present location. We are excited about the growth and expansion of our school and hope you will join us and allow us to become partners in your child’s education.